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About Us

Welcome to the website of KoToRa kennel. My adventure with Rough Collies started in January of 1987 when a tricolour bitch named KAMA KROPKA Spalski Brzeg 'Tora' came to our house.

The kennel's name was registered in Polish Cynological Union on 05.07.1988 with the number k/1469. And that year my first litter appeared.

In december 1990 joined us a wonderful NAUGHTY GIRL Scot 'Daisy'. She gave us lots of fun in everyday life, as well as lots of satisfaction on shows. She won a title of Champion of Poland, resCACIB, and Winner of Club and Breed '95. Although she gave birth to not many puppies, 6 of them won Champion of Poland title, and three - Youth Champion of Poland.

In january of 1998 another bitch from Scot kennel appeared, a tricolour ZAMBIA BLACK Scot. It is a wonderful bitch with great show temper, real 'show girl'. She won a title of Champion of Poland, 2x CACIB, resCACIB, but also BEST of GROUP, and VICE BEST IN SHOW - Lodz 2000. She also won a title of 'Best Breeding Bitch' 2000, 2002, 2004. She gave birth to many great offspring, five of them won Champion of Poland title, two - Youth Champion of Poland.

Until 2008 i bred 24 litters of Rough Collies, but also - Shmooth Collies, which first litter was born in 2006 (7 puppies), 3 litters of Shetland Sheepdog, 4 Border Collies litters and 1 litter of Oriental/Bali cats. Also one litter of Polish Lowland Sheepdog and Chineese Crested under my daughter's kennel name: "AISARO".

My kennel won the title of 'BEST KENNEL' in 2000, 2002, 2001 as 'BEST KENNEL OF THE CLUB', vice-Best Kennel in 1989 and 2007. According to polish 'Portal Of Rough Collies' ranking - KoToRa is the 'BEST KENNEL of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010' .

  • Ch. NAUGHTY GIRL Scot won title of CLUB AND BREED WINNER 1995 in Lublin.
  • Ch. ZAMBIA BLACK Scot - BEST BREEDING FEMALE 2000, 2002, 2004.
  • Ch. Old Golden Gates VIS-A-VIS - BEST STUD-DOG 2006, 2007, 2008.
  • Yth.Ch.Pl. Mr.ELIOT Ko-To-Ra - title of YOUTH CLUB WINNER 2000.
  • Ch. CINDI Krasna Louka (Smooth Collie) - CLUB AND BREED WINNER, BEST OF GROUP - II in 2004.
  • Ch.Pl. ROMEO KoToRa - CLUB WINNER 2007.
  • Ch.Pl. MACARY SMOOTH KoToRa - CLUB WINNER 2007, 2008 + BOB.
  • Int.Ch. ROMEO KoToRa - Best Veteran of Breed, Club Show 2010, BIS Veteran-4.

Until 2010 I bred 2 Interchampions, Youth World Winner, 29 Champions of Poland, 9 Youth Champions of Poland, one Champion of Slovakia, one Youth Champion of Slovakia and one Yout Champion of Slovenia in Rough Collies (these are winners of lots of CACIBs, CWCs. BOBs...). In Shelties - 1 Youth Champion, 1 Champion of Poland and 1 Champion of Bulgaria. In Smooth Collies - 1 Interchampion, 4 Champions of Poland and 3 Youth Champions of Poland. In Border Collies - Youth Champion of Poland, 2 Agility Champions of Poland. I can't forget to mention about Champion title of our loveli Bali cat.

4 of Collies are in my kennel, rest of them were/are being presented by new owners. I am glad that our Collies, Boreer Collies, Shelties are presented on shows and that they are succeeding giving lots of joy and satisfaction to their owners. They are presented in "Our Champions".

In 1994 I decided to import first Rough Collie from Great Britain. It's a tricolour dog Neneland MIDNIGHT CONTRAST. From that kennel I also own a tricolour bitch Neneland NOSTALGIC HOPE, and in 2005 joined us - a tricolour male Neneland BLACK RUSSIAN, that will be with us for some time. I also have a dog imported from France - RYCERZ NIEBIESKI de Lothlorien, and sable dog from Ukraine - Old Golden Gates VIS-A-VIS, and in february 2005 joined us, also from Ukraine, cute and rollicking, sable bitch Clever Eyes Nightingale in Red.

Because the roots of our Collies are mainly based on very good english kennel - BRILYN, I decided to import a male directly from that kennel. I did it and in August 2006 a sable gentleman Brilyn FEVER PITCH joined our family.

Mike Saint

My dreams came true mainly thanks to MICHAEL SAINT from Great Britain (Neneland Kennel). It's thank to his friendship, kindness and involvement KoToRa could have collies and shelties from England. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

And in July 2008 it was 20 years from when Collies went into our lives. We had lots of congratulations and wishes from friends and breeders all across the Poland, and from other countries. Thank you very much! Feel invited to see some pictures from a meeting on that occassion (below):

Although Rough Collies are the closest for me, I also have Shetland Sheepdogs, a Smooth and Border Collie, and my daughter Agnes - a Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Each of that breeds wins our hearts, and each with something else.

Shelties - little snuggles, scamps, and rogues. Smooth collies - full of elegance and subtlety, and Border Collies - dynamic, expressive always prepared to be active.

Our puppies are always born in the house. Here they grow until they go to new owners. Of course if there is nice outside they have the opportunity to run and play outside the house. I always care a lot to make sure that the puppies are grew and fed well and have normal psychical development so that new owners would have maximum of joy and satisfaction.

In 2006 cute kitten of "ORIENTAL SMOOTH" breed joined our home - FAIRY TITA Michalki*Pl and then "BRITISH SMOOTH" - ASSALA Vangeldis*Pl.

Because the dogs accompanies our everyday life for many years, all my family is engaged to looking after them. My daughter - Agnes also is showing dogs on show, and thanks to my son - Paul I can proudly present this perfect internet website. I wish to thank my husband for his understanfing, tolerance and optimism.
Collie And Sheltie Book Liski Magazine

In 1995 I wrote a book published by 'MAKO', and titled 'Collie i Sheltie'. It is still the only book in Poland that covers both breeds. For a couple of years my husband and me were publishing a Collies and Shelties magazine: 'Liski', but beacuse of the money it is not being published since 2003.

Thinking about developing the kennel, and having certain amount of dogs we decided in half of 2003 to move outside the town. So now we live in a quiet, nice village placed 6 kms from Brzeziny and 30 kms from Lodz. (Click here to see a gallery about our village). We now have a huge field (1.30 ha), where our dogs can run as much as they want...



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