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» 19.12.2004:

» 07.11.2004: International Show in Poznan:

» 19.09.2004: Club Show in Lodz:
    • Our tric veteran: Ch.Pl. 2x CACIB ZAMBIA BLACK Scot won her next title: Best Breeding Bitch. Previous two were won in 2000 and 2002.
    • Ch. SOPHIA Black KoToRa - IInd place, excellent grade, champions class
    • Ch. POETESS POLA KoToRa - IVth place, excellent grade, champions class
    • Also wonderfully showed two daughters of Ch. OLD Golden Gates VIS-a-VIS: MON AMOUR Ducatti (2xYth.Win.) - IInd place, excellent grade, youth class; and cute, 3-months-old bitch WHITE WAVE KoToRa.
      Congratulations for the owners of these wonderful collies!!
    • Excellent results of our smooth collie - CINDI Krasna Louka - CWC, Club Winner, Best of Breed, and IInd place in Best of British Breeds.

» Congratulations to owners of IRBIS Rozany Gaj

(son of our Ch. Neneland Midnight Contrast) for winning Champion of Poland title.

» 12.09.2004: National show in Chorzow

» 11.09.2004: National Sheepdog Show - Chorzow.
  • PRIDE KoToRa - CWC, Best Bitch of Breed, BOB.
  • Yth.Ch.Pl. DARTI Rozany Gaj (son of Ch. Golden Gates Vis-A-Vis x Miss Europe KoToRa) - Youth Winner.

» 05.09.2004: National show in Włocławek
  • Our lovely Cindy Krasna Louka won her next CWC, Best Bitch of Breed, and BOB.
  • Tricolour Neneland Nostalgic Hope - second place and 'excellent' note.

» 22.08.2004: On national show in Torun:
  • our Neneland NOSTALGIC HOPE, tric bitch imported from GB won CWC, Best Bitch of Breed and Best of Breed.
  • The Smooth Collie - CINDI Krasna Louka - CWC, Best Bitch of Breed, Best of Breed and 2nd place at Best Of Group.

» 12.08.2004: New PICS OF PUPPIES

» 13.06.2004: National Show in KALISZ
  • CINDY Krasna Louka 'Celinka' - CWC, Best Bitch of Breed, BOB, II place at BOG.
  • JENNIFER BLACK KoToRa - II place, 'excellent' mark (open class).

» 12.06.2004: A picture from birthday party of Mon a Mour DUCATTI
  • Mon a Mour DUCATTI.
    On 25 of April 2004 Mon a Mour has her first birthday.
    We present you a photo from the party... (on the right).

» 16.05.2004: New Sheltie bitch!

» 16.05.2004: National Show - KIELCE

» 10.05.2004: New pictures on the website!!

» 03.05.2004: National show in BYDGOSZCZ

» 01.05.2004: International Show in LODZ
  • ROMEO KoToRa - CWC, CACIB, Best of Breed;
  • PAINTED LADY KoToRa - III place (note: excellent) in Youth Class;
    owner: Beata Sitkowska
  • JENNIFER BLACK KoToRa - IV place (note: excellent) in Open Class;
    owner: Henryk Konieczny


» 17.04.2004: International Show in WARSAW

» 27.03.2004: International Show in KATOWICE

» Champions Show in Leszno 2004

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