Rough Collie

Rodowód: Ch.Pl. Brilyn FEVER PITCH "Indy"

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Brilyn Secret Weapon Ch.
Harper's Field Xeltic Lord Of The Dance At Gerian
Silvermoors Highland Chief
Golden Geritage From Aaronwell
Silvermoors Barley Corn
Matai What's That Sundome Christian Spirit
Matai Fancy That
Brilyn Dream Addict Ch.
Samhaven Addiction
Pelido Forgotton Dreams
Treglenza Elegant Charm At Samhaven
Aberquarrie Always A Dream At Brilyn Silvermoor's Teddy Bear
Brilyn Almost A Lady At Aberquarrie
Joshren Gold Reflection On Brilyn Ch.
Aaronwell Antique Gold At Brilyn
Ferncott Gold Blend For Aaronwell Brilyn Solid Gold At Aaronwell
Aaronwell Adorable Dora Of Ferncott
Brilyn Satin Smile On Aaronwell Ch. Brilyn Rum'n Black
Ch. Brilyn Satin Symphony
Nyitramenti Your Majesty Of Snow Hills
Apple Blossom Hun.Ch. Sandiacre Streets Ahead
Szalkai Clarisse
Nyitramenti Pure Taste
Int.Ch. Brilyn Double Ace
Hun.Ch. Claredawn Stars In Her Eyes

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