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Mł.Ch.Pl., Ch.Pl.
Precious Majesty JP Queen Bless CODY
Queen Bless PC Of Art. Etoile JP
Queen Bless JP Over The Top 
Queen Bless JP Lamac  
Precious Majesty JP Candy Ribbon
Guilcroft Wellington Web
Int.Ch.KOR,WW’11,AW’11 Queen Bless Candy Kiss
Show Elveras Go Go To KoToRa 
Ch USA Namaste Good Huntin
Ch.USA  Queen Bless JP Gold Crest
Namaste Copella Next Top Model  
Ch.Rus Passionpaps Ultra Chic
Smile Line Queen Bless Great Fusion  
Map To My Heart Forussi

Hodowla Ko-To-Ra Lucyna Zboralska

Wągry 139,
95-036 Rogów,
woj. łódzkie, Polska